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Fellowship Church in Midland

Child Care Midland Lifehouse fellowship, a non-denominational church has grown and thrived drastically over the course of the last half-decade, essentially growing from a living room to a large, building that could be easily compared to the size and capacities of a good-sized elementary or middle school.

Finding a warm and welcoming fellowship church is not always as easy as it sounds. Midland, TX is proud to have a church like Lifehouse Fellowship Church as part of the community. From child care services to an encouraging church body, everything you are looking for in a non-denominational church can be found here.

Pastor Sutton's mission? "We have a desire to reach kids while doing whatever we can to help families and carry the word of God in a fresh and effective dynamic.

Lifehouse Fellowship is growing and thriving as a non-denominational church in the Permian Basin. Not only does the facility serve a place of worship and social gathering, but it is also a launching pad for children of all ages to be nurtured and cared for in an enthusiastic and challenging atmosphere. We are proud to provide child care for children of all ages right here in our church center.

Given the strides that have been made and the byproducts of such determined and diligent efforts, it's difficult to put into words just how powerful and inviting the experience is at Lifehouse Fellowship Church. As a fellowship church we emphasize and put a value on commitment to community.

We have affordable child care available for you and your family!

Equally impressive, Lifehouse has expanded to accommodate a child care facility for cognitive learningNon-denominational Church Midland and day-care.  Although we say day-care, Lifehouse is beyond such an aforementioned terminology.  We are firm in our belief and understanding that proper and thorough child care will allow a child to truly understand their creative potential.

If you are a parent, consider bringing your little ones to our child care center. This group is lead by qualified individuals with a goal of helping children learn and develop in their early years.

We employ a highly qualified, experienced and licensed staff that takes the greatest care available for your children of any age.  Moreover, our child care division of our establishment focuses on enhancing every positive aspect in your kids' lives while maintaining a platform to launch healthy relationships, community leadership and effective, productive academic success and achievement long before your children enter that lexicon.

If your family is seeking a non-denomination platform to seek the word of God and grow spiritually while at the same time being a part of an ever-engaging, eventful, fresh and exciting social network that's constantly on the move then Lifehouse Fellowship is the solution.

Fellowship Church Midland

Parallel with what goes in the worship assembly for the adults, the toddlers, children and teenagers share an equally developmental and compelling atmosphere to be nurtured in the word of God while being ensured the safest, most qualified and effective childcare and youth groups available in Midland.

One can only imagine that something that began in a living room years ago with just a handful of individuals looking to gather and study the bible has transformed in such a vibrant and relevant fashion so tremendously compelling the story of their growth and effect on the community and all of their members could very easily be dismissed as a fictitious tale of a talented author's imagination.

We invite you with heartfelt eager to join us for worship or enroll your little ones in our child care program and experience for yourself what is the ever-moving dynamics of the Lifehouse Fellowship Church.

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Lifehouse Fellowship is a non-denominational church that offers a casual setting and attempts to carry the WORD of God in a fresh and effective, yet challenging dynamic.  Additionally, Lifehouse offers a tremendous child care program that is beyond that of a stereotypical day-care.  The program emphasizes the greatest care for your children available while developing your kids in every aspect of their lives through the applications of engaging activities, games and exercises that accommodate both academic and cognitive learning as well as above-standard supervision of your little ones.  If you're seeking a genuinely new, exciting and momentous spiritual experience and or you have a demand to place your children in a positive and safe environment while you're unable to look after them, call Lifehouse today.

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